With an array of microphones, amplifiers, outboard equipment and an Allen and Heath GL4000 48 channel desk, no task are too big or small.


Our GL4000 is modified with SSL capacitors, so not only do you get that classic British sound of Allen & Heath consoles, but you also get the polished and perfect sound of world-class studios. 




Mixing is my craft, my passion, and my forte.  There is absolutely no better feeling than when the mix comes together and your vision of perfection comes to life. 


'Wynter’s attention to the finest of details has given our mix a level of depth and definition I didn’t think possible. His ability to make artistic choices that don’t compromise the integrity of the style we were aiming for has made our record sound 100x better.' -  Joe Button, - 'unCovered'


With an arsenal of plugins and a fine ear for the craft, I will make your music sound better than you ever imagined possible.






No song is complete without a master.


Mastering takes your music from an awesome mix to an absolute jaw-dropping final product, making it louder, punchier and giving it a finished professional sound. 


I master music from AudioBeach's fantastic, sonically treated control room using a hybrid of analog and digital mastering techniques to ensure the absolute best for your music.




Think you've got what it takes to record a great album from home, or you've recorded elsewhere and are looking for an engineer to give it an incredible mix? Maybe,  you're happy with how your external mixes are sounding and you're just looking to send them off for mastering?


Well, look no further. Due to the power of the internet, today it's possible to send tracks from anywhere in the world and have finished mixes and masters sent back to you the same day.   


Remote mixing & mastering is perfect for those who want their music sounding phenomenal without the cost of the studio hire fee.




The importance of production is massively overlooked but this is where we make sure your music is up to scratch. As a hired pair of ears, it becomes my job to look over your songs, live and breathe them to make sure they're the best possible compositions they can be. Offering tips for key, tempo and arrangement, making sure your tracks are a success. 


Post Production is the icing on the cake. This is the final 10%. Adding ambience, instrumentation, orchestrations, synthesisers, bass drops, glitches and sound effects etc. that while are subtle add depth, dynamics and sheen to your music. 



Any producer will tell you how absolutely crucial it is to edit drums and the instrumentation of the music before mixing. There is absolutely nothing that says 'amateur band' like an out of time mix. Be it drums, vocals, guitars or bass, there is no job too big or small.


Struggling with motivation or writer's block? Want an outside musician to come in and breathe some new life into your music. Working alongside you, I can take your sound and write new music and songs for you while still keeping your overall musical aesthetic. 


With Grade 8 Guitar, Music Theory and a degree in Music, no genre is off the table. Be it Rock, Pop, Country or Death Metal, I will ghostwrite a single all the way up to an album.